Hedva Ferenci was born in Budapest, Hungary, where she studied for six years at the Budapest Art Academy, from which, in 1956, she graduated with high honors. In 1960 she went to London for postgraduate studies, while there she participated in a number of exhibitions. In 1962 she settled in Israel. In 1964 she joined the Organization of Artists and Sculptors of Israel. Since then she has exhibited in numerous art shows, put on by the organization.

The late Miriam Tal, the well-known art critic, best describes the true style of her paintings and pastels. "Her realism is a far cry from naturalism, her work has a maturity, deep sincerity and compassion for her models. She is a superb Draughtsman; her drawings are original and powerful figurative as to the definition and characterization of the model, yet completely abstract as to the linear values and pattern.

As an artist she reflects the inner personal style. This is particularly noticeable in her portraits of Mrs. Golda Meir, Mr. M. Begin, President Sadat, Mr. P. Sapir, Mr. Teddy Kollek and Mrs. Beate Klarsfeld."

Hedva Ferenci, as described by M.E.F. in an article in the world of Art "is a master of technique. Her pen and ink drawings are faultlessly executed, but done in very rapid strokes. The impression is that much thought went into preparation, while execution was carried out in one sharp, sessionЙshe uses in her style chiaroscuro, which gives her subjects a solid but mysterious quality."

Her paintings are on exhibit in a number of galleries in Israel, Germany, and the United States, in private collections, and in the permanent collection of the Museum of Jewish Art in Paris. Recently, her paintings were exhibited at the "International Judaica Exhibition" in Jerusalem, and in the International Art Expo in New York, NY. And she was awarded a certificate of excellence in the International Art Competition (I.A.C.) NY for her Pastels.